Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lajitas Texas

Lajitas Teaxas is a remote place in the U.S. southwest, and one of my most favorite places to go photograph and explore. The small town sits on the banks of the Rio Grand just a few hundred yards from Mexico. The ride along the river on route 170 going west from Lajitas is one of the most beautiful in the country. It takes you through a rugged mountain region with spectacular views of the Rio Grand River. This image of the old church was made on this road. It is the remnants of the movie set "Lonesome Dove". I have always had a fascination with old Western movies and novels. I am certain it is because of my early childhood watching old black and white cowboy programs on TV.  I originally processed this image in color because of the colorful landscape and the intense blue sky. The image was a good representation of the day and the location but it did not fulfill my vision I had of the scene. With the conversion to black and white I am able to work more freely with my interpretation and create an image that most represents my true feelings of the location.




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