Saturday, January 11, 2014

Head in the Clouds

We all at some point walk around with our head in the clouds dealing with our thoughts of hopes and dreams, worry, or just a general preoccupation of an on going event in our lives. We fail to completely listen to others while they are speaking because we are more concerned about what we are going to say in response. We are inpatient in our vehicles because we feel our time and space is more important than the person in front of us. Because of our human existence and physical body, we are locked in our little center of the universe. We can easily relate to things or events outside of ourselves if we have experienced them. We can say we understand, but if we haven't experience it ourselves, then how can we truly relate to it?  It is a tug of war that wages in us all, dealing with self while being genuine in relating to others.
I made this photo while walking around in Mexico with some friends. I am use to the puzzled looks I get when I am making pictures of things considered of little value. I found this mannequin intriguing because of the half face and what I felt when I saw it.  It is my interpretation of the term, "an empty suit".

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