Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rock Art

Being in the Saguaro National Park in July is probably not the smartest time for a visit, but you can be certain you will have the place to yourself.  We were in Tucson Arizona this past summer and decided to revisit the Saguaro National Park.  It is a fascinating place that we have visited many times over the years. This was our first visit in the middle of summer and the heat was scorching.  The day we made the short hike to these petroglyphs it was 115*.  As I climb among the boulders in search of the petroglyphs I kept my eye open for rattlesnakes that most certainly were hiding in the rocks. Setting up a tripod and composing an image in the intense heat was exhausting.  I was able to spend about an hour before I felt the heat overwhelming me. After I made my last image I turned to step down over the rocks and had one roll out from under me. I went down head first and hit hard but somehow kept my camera held high and it never smashed into a rocks or the ground. Certainly the good lord was looking after me.  I had a pair of new glasses that flew off my head and went down into the deep pockets among the rocks. I sat up and dusted myself off and took inventory of my situation. I had some scrapes and marks on the tripod but not much more. I thought about my glasses down in the dark hole before me and decided that they could stay there.  Sometimes it is easy to forget where you are when making photographs or become affected by the elements you are working in. I was fortunate to not have broken a bone or damaged my equipment with this fall.  I used a 17~40 zoom lens with a polarizing filter when making this photograph.

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