Saturday, July 12, 2014

Castle Creek

This image was made in 1994 with a 4x5 Linhof view camera.  I was in Snowmass Colorado at Anderson Ranch working as an assistant to John Sexton at one of his workshops.  The workshop experience provided a chance to visit some great locations as well as interact with students.  I have always enjoyed photographing in low light and using a long exposure.  When working with film and long exposures, film has what is called "reciprocity failure", where the film doesn't react to the available light as it would during a normal daytime exposure.  To compensate for reciprocity failure an increase of exposure requiring two or three times the metered reading value of the scene is needed to get proper density on the film.  As I recall the meter reading with a spot meter of this scene was 25 sec. at f16.  To compensate for the low light I gave an exposure of 60 sec. at f16.  To be able to photograph in low light situations is a great advantage.  The shadows are much softer and with greater detail than if the scene was photographed in harsh mid day sun.

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