Sunday, April 5, 2015


There are many subject areas that I am drawn to with my photography.  One of them is to record the human condition that I come across in my travels.  It is rare that I go out photographing solely for that purpose.   It usually happens with an unplanned situation or event that happens while I am in an area  photographing.  Over the years I have produced a large portfolio of people images that I have come across in my travels.  For me they are very rewarding images, with most of them being made with the slow setup of a large format camera.  In my formative years with photography I came across the works of Dorothea Lang and the many other great and inspiring photographers of the Farm Security Administration.  These photographers captured the difficult lives of people caught in the depression and the time of the devastating dust bowl era.  Looking at their work I could see and feel the desperate lives of these people existence.  Although my time is very limited with the person that I am photographing, the successful images, have a timeless quality that is common with recording the human condition.

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