Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hand to Hand

We spent a few winters in Mexico and found it to be a vibrant culture with a contrast in living conditions.  We would walk many miles each day in the city streets taking is all of the sights and sounds of a new and exciting country to explore.  I was just starting to use a digital camera and had a small point and shoot Canon that I carried along with my film camera.  I had a habit a giving my pocket change to the people we would see in the streets, and sometimes would stop and talk with them for a moment.  With this image I was bending down to give this women my extra change and without really thinking about it I made this picture with my digital camera that I was holding in my right hand.  Doing street photography is a very different type of of photography and requires a quick eye because things are moving and changing all around you.  I enjoy doing street photography but always prefer to return to my nature work of being in an isolated and deserted landscape environment. 

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