Friday, July 24, 2015

Quiet Light

The most interesting time of day for me to photograph is near dusk.  The light is very soft and the details are revealed in the dark shadow areas that normally would be lost in harsh sunlight.  This time of day is usually very still because the wind settles down after sunset and give the opportunity to make the long exposures required in such lighting conditions.  I hiked along this stream just after a heavy rain and sloshed my way down steam until I came to a 80' waterfalls just beyond this big rock in the photo.  It takes a lot of energy to carry the gear and heavy tripod with me on these hikes but the rewards of the experience and making some new images is always worth it.
John Sexton a friend and fellow photographer has produced a book entitled "Quiet Light" that has one of the best collection of photography in low light.


  1. Dear Mr. Doddato,

    Yesterday, my wife, daughter, and I wandered into the Members' Gallery of the Rockwell Museum, where we had the pleasure of viewing some spectacular photographic work by the great Ansel Adams. Only the photographs weren't by the master himself; they were by one John Doddato! My daughter and I were both shocked. We were sure we'd stumbled upon some new-to-us pieces by Adams. Congratulations on producing such fine work. My wife was especially taken with your portrait of Antelope Canyon. Are prints available? Please let me know. Many thanks, Matthew Olshan (

  2. Matthew,
    Thank you for your kind words concerning my photography. I am glad you and your family had the opportunity to visit the Rockwell