Sunday, November 8, 2015

Storm at sunrise

We recently spent some time down in the Florida Keys.  It is a good place to photograph if you are looking to be surrounded by sky and water.  We camped at Long Key St. Pk. and had this view looking out over the ocean from our campsite.  On this particular morning I saw a thunderstorm out over the ocean as the sun was coming up.  I grabbed my camera and tripod and made a quick setup.  I made a few exposures as the storm moved across the horizon.  As I was reviewing my images I noticed that the  limb on the right side of the tree merged with the water so I lowered my tripod and made two more exposures before the sun broke through the clouds.  To me this small adjustment makes a big difference in the final image.  Some of the earlier images had better storm clouds and light shafts but I choose this image because the tree is separated a little from the background.  There is so much to think about when the light is changing quickly.  It is easy to overlook things and make mistakes when hurried.  Most of my work is done in a more contemplative approach where I work slowly and organized.  It takes constant practice to be able to setup your equipment, determine exposure, and find the proper composition in a hurry.  Sometimes you get rewarded with an image and others times it is just a practice for the next time you come across a quick changing scene. 

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