Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sapelo Island

                                                                                          Sapelo Island, Ga. - Kodak T-Max Film

I have been too busy lately with computer work.  I had a very important backup hard drive fail and it cost me a couple of weeks of intense work retrieving my files.  I am usually very good at backing up and duplicating files in case the worst happens, but sometimes I let things slide and get sloppy.  Luckily I regained most of my photo files, but some were corrupted and lost forever.  The digital world is always a moving target.  It seems I can never get to a leveling off point where my software and hardware are all up to date and compatible.  It is a marketeers dream to have planned obsolescence.  It keeps a steady customer base for business.  I just recently purchased a new Sony A7R11 camera.  I have used Canon for years but decided that I wanted a smaller and more light weight camera to backpack with.  It has some nice features, but it is over engineered for my liking.  I really don't need ten different ways to do the same thing on a camera.  The learning curve is pretty steep and most of the time I don't have the patience to learn settings I will rarely use.  I have always preferred to set my cameras up as being totally manual just like my old film cameras.  I like having complete control over the equipment I use.  The one nice thing the new Sony camera has is a very nice manual focusing system.  I have never really trusted the auto focus systems on digital cameras for giving the sharpest focal point in the scene.  I know I would feel differently if I was still doing professional sports photography.  In those days, an auto focus camera would have been great to have.  I have been working hard the past couple of weeks finally getting a new web site up and running and hope to have it online in a few days.  Checking on my domain name I have had secured for a number of years, I found out that it just expired and was no longer available for a reasonable price.  Again it is the never ending chasing your tail of the digital world.  Somedays I sit and try to remember what I used to do before all of this technology came into my life.  Certainly younger people can't relate to my concerns because they were born into a world of technology.  I guess if I want to continue with photography I will have to adjust to the numerous changes that come with modern technology.

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