Saturday, April 16, 2016

Special Days

We all spend more time dreaming than doing, but dreaming is an important part of our lives.  It is how we develop our ideas and creative thoughts that turn into special days.  We all deal with the mundane aspects of life where it seems we constantly repeat the same uneventful things day after day.  Dreaming lets us think beyond our current state and helps us make plans for the future.  I made this image this week at sunrise on a foggy morning.  It is at a lake nearby that has numerous cypress trees surrounded by water.  This image represents a dream I had over a year ago of being able to photograph these trees from the water.  My dream led me to pursuing the right equipment and knowledge to access the locations I desired to be in.  The process of fulfilling a dream can have it's ups and downs with setbacks and discouragements.  But that is an important part of reaching your dream.  Nothing is worth obtaining if it is easy, nor should it be.

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