Saturday, September 17, 2016

Character Study

When I am out photographing I usually have a subject matter in mind, and often it depends on my connection to the area.  If I am in a familiar area my focus is concentrated to one or two things of interest.  The times that I am traveling out of the area in search of new locations I am open to all possible subject matter that may exist.  On a recent trip to the state of Washington I was traveling through an area and noticed an old abandoned Bookmobile bus parked off in a field.  I was intrigued with the multiple layers of faded paint and rust that this old bus had.  I pulled off to the side of the road and thought about what elements of the bus caught my attention.  Desiring to photograph this subject I decided to locate the property owner and ask for permission to walk around the bus and photograph it.   I have found over the years, that when asked, most people are friendly and have no problem with my request.  I saw some movement in a large building out behind a house and with my camera in hand I walked up the gravel drive.  I never know who's world I am walking into as a stranger, but I greet them with a friendly hello and introduce myself.  Over the years I have come across some very friendly and interesting folk.  This gentleman is a diesel mechanic and has a large garage where he repairs trucks for the logging industry in the area.  In our discussion I was able to ask some questions about the area, and I learned about a few new photography locations I was unaware of.  I enjoy getting to know something about the people in the area and their history.  This gentleman's family were some of the original pioneers to move into this part of the state, and he still owns all the land that his family acquired many years before.  After talking for quite awhile I knew taking his portrait in his work place would make a great photograph.  It is always rewarding to be able to meet people and photograph them as I travel around.  In many ways these images of people are my most rewarding work.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Summer hiking

I have been doing a considerable amount of hiking and photography this summer.  It is always fun to get the chance to explore new locations and travel some back roads.  The challenge with summer hiking is dealing with the intense heat and the bugs.  It seems no matter how well I apply bug repellent I usually come away with several severe spider bites.  I made this image while in N.C. during above average heat spell.  It was refreshing to find a small waterfall to rest and cool off.  My choice of camera gear always comes into question when deciding the terrain and distance of my hike.  No matter how I sort out my equipment there is always an item I didn't need to carry along or one I left behind.  Digital camera gear has simplified the process by not having to carry large film holders into the field, but has it own problems with the need of electric to keep batteries charged up.  In this image I used a Sony A7R11 with a 16~35 mm lens.  So far this has been a good camera for hiking as long as I carry enough batteries to keep the camera operational. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Northwest Coastline

When dreams become reality a sense of fulfillment is achieved.  We often spend countless hours lost in our dreams planning our future.  I have found that it sometimes takes years to fulfill a dream.  My initial thought begins with a desire that soon turns into a purpose.  As a landscape photographer I am always seeking out new locations to explore and photograph.  It may take me years before I actually get to travel to some of these locations, but never the less, I still put it on my active wish list of things to accomplish.  Many times when arriving at these locations after months or even years of research, the weather doesn't co-operate for making good photographs.  Such was the case this year while spending two weeks in Iceland.  It rained hard all but one day of the trip, but I still was able to make a few meaningful photographs.  Two weeks later I traveled to the Northwest U.S. only to have mostly clear skies each day of the two weeks spent there.  Sometimes the reality of the situation doesn't match up to the dream or plans made.  During these times I realize it will take much more work and patience to achieve my goal.  I made this image after hiking out to the beach in the state of Washington.  I spent several hours on the beach under clear skies and was thinking possibly of giving up on the location for the day.  I could see a few clouds forming far out over the ocean so I decided to sit and wait a while longer.  I was rewarded for my time as a storm came in providing an interesting sky.  I was able to make a couple of setups before the rain hit and forced me back to my vehicle.  Certainly a lot of effort was put into getting this image but the reward is being able to fulfill a dream established years earlier.