Friday, September 2, 2016

Northwest Coastline

When dreams become reality a sense of fulfillment is achieved.  We often spend countless hours lost in our dreams planning our future.  I have found that it sometimes takes years to fulfill a dream.  My initial thought begins with a desire that soon turns into a purpose.  As a landscape photographer I am always seeking out new locations to explore and photograph.  It may take me years before I actually get to travel to some of these locations, but never the less, I still put it on my active wish list of things to accomplish.  Many times when arriving at these locations after months or even years of research, the weather doesn't co-operate for making good photographs.  Such was the case this year while spending two weeks in Iceland.  It rained hard all but one day of the trip, but I still was able to make a few meaningful photographs.  Two weeks later I traveled to the Northwest U.S. only to have mostly clear skies each day of the two weeks spent there.  Sometimes the reality of the situation doesn't match up to the dream or plans made.  During these times I realize it will take much more work and patience to achieve my goal.  I made this image after hiking out to the beach in the state of Washington.  I spent several hours on the beach under clear skies and was thinking possibly of giving up on the location for the day.  I could see a few clouds forming far out over the ocean so I decided to sit and wait a while longer.  I was rewarded for my time as a storm came in providing an interesting sky.  I was able to make a couple of setups before the rain hit and forced me back to my vehicle.  Certainly a lot of effort was put into getting this image but the reward is being able to fulfill a dream established years earlier. 

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