Monday, December 26, 2016

Jekyll Island

I enjoy photographing near the ocean.  The combination of water, sand, and sky offer numerous opportunities of various compositions because of the constant changing conditions.   There are always places to discover where major storms have impacted the land and have left their scars.  I was at Jekyll Island a few months ago and hiked around the North end of the island.  There is a portion of beach that has several large uprooted trees laying on the shore.  I timed my hike to be in the early evening near sunset to photograph these trees in soft light.  Often times midday along the ocean has extremely harsh light with strong shadows making the scene too contrasty.  There is always a certain amount of planning that goes into visiting a new location.  I check google earth and look along the coast for possible sites of interest.  I then locate points where I can access the location.  I consider the direction of the sun and plan my time of day to visit the location.  With all landscape photography it can take considerable time and effort to achieve a few successful images.  With this image I drove a few of hours, hiked a couple of miles, and made only a few exposures before the light was gone.  Sometimes I am rewarded for my efforts and other times not.  It is all part of the process of being a landscape photographer. 

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