Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Journey

Moonlight Orb

I call this image "The Journey" that I made recently in Fort Pierce Fl. on the beach under a full moon. It is usually not my style to do night photography with special effects. But I do think it is good every now and then to experiment with photography like I did in my early days of photographing. The exposure time was around three minutes with an f-stop of 9.5.  I used a sturdy carbon fiber tripod with a cable release. Because it was dark I placed an LED light on the beach in the location where I wanted to create the orb and used that point to focus my camera. The long exposure required the camera to be set to Bulb mode for the three minute + exposure.  The orb was made with two miniature LED lights tied to a cord I was spinning. Notice that I am not shown in the middle of the orb. That is because the time to make the orb was only about 30 seconds of the total exposure.


  1. Very impressive photograph. Thanks for supplying all the details of how you made it. I think what I like the best about it is the geometric pattern.

    1. This was a fun photograph to make. It is good to try new things with photography.