Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mexico the land of color

We enjoy traveling to Mexico. We like the people and the culture that Mexico has to offer. You really need to spend a good amount of time in Mexico to lose the uptight feeling that comes with our daily lives here in the States. When we lived in upstate NY we would drive our old Buick down to spend four months each winter in wonderful small towns in central Mexico. We like to explore all of the back roads through mountain towns and photographing everything of interest. I often get asked, "don't you have a fear of being in Mexico"? and I ask in return, "would you have a fear of walking in Central Park at night"? There is danger everywhere in this world and being aware of your surroundings is your best protection. The truth is that you can live behind fear or live your life and feel alive by experiencing things outside of your comfort zone.
Don't put off what you desire to do with your life. My Mother never took the time to enjoy her life as she could have. Her plan was to put it off until retirement, but she never got there. Her life was ended in a car accident long before she had ever reached retirement age. That event changed my life and I started traveling to remote places and I guess as some would say, taking chances. My wife and I are now in our 60's and we have our kids call and ask "when are you two going start doing something safe like taking a cruise". Our answer to them is we aren't old enough yet.
 Street in Tequisquiapan Mx.


  1. I am so glad I found this blog! This post is amazing, I love it.


  2. Thanks Jeff. These are fun places to visit and photograph. I am glad you found me. John