Friday, April 26, 2013

San Juan del Rio'

One of our favorite places in Mexico to do street photography is San Juan del Rio' in the state of Queretaro.  It is a vibrant city with colorful streets that are full people. The old historic district is fascinating with its numerous jardins and Gothic churches. It was an easy drive from the nearby town we were staying and we enjoyed spending the day walking the streets and being part of the hustle and bustle. This image of the old woman with a cane would have been missed if Linda had not yelled and wave frantically at me to stop what I was doing. I hurried up the street and immediately saw what she was excited about.  I composed the scene and quickly made the exposure just as the woman was passing the painted image of an old woman on the wall. The trick to street photography is to always have your equipment ready and your eyes open to the movement around you. Things move quickly and the opportunity for making an exciting image is limited.

San Juan del Rio' -

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