Sunday, April 28, 2013

The road to Jalpan

While in Mexico we made a trip up through the beautiful Sierra Gorda Mountains in the state of Queretaro to hike to some waterfalls, and photograph the small mountain villages and the people. Our destination was the small town of Jalpan to spend a few days. When we reached the village of Pinal de Amoles we stopped to walked around and find a place to eat. We enjoy going to the small family restaurantes or food stands along the streets. We have never had a bad meal while in Mexico. We don't drink the water or use ice in our drinks. A soda or a beer is the recommended beverage with a meal. While we were having lunch we sat across from this elderly lady. The light from the open store front was reflecting on her and I had to put my taco down and pick up my camera to capture the scene. One thing we have noticed in Mexico is that the small restaurantes will offer a plate of food to elderly women. We saw this many times in the little villages we stopped to eat in.

Jalpan                 -
Pinal de Amoles -

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