Friday, April 19, 2013

This dog understands Spanish

Taking chances and considering the risk; I was walking with friends in the mountain town of San Joaquin Mx. We were shopping and looking for a nice restaurante to have something to eat. As my wife and friends walked along as I was straggling behind making some images of the streets and people. Rarely do I make any meaningful images while out with others sightseeing and enjoying the day. This particular image was made at the spur of the moment without much thought as to my personal saftey. I came around a corner and saw this young man with his dog in an alcove and realized the reflected light and the scene was interesting and asked him permission to take his picture. The only Spanish I know is "Puedo tomar su fotografia por favor" (may I take your picture please). I hardly ever take a photo of someone without their permission. The young man nodded in agreement and I dropped to one knee and made one exposure and quickly stepped back and said "por favor" and moved away. After looking at the image days later I realized that this was probably a risky move on my part in making this image. The dog certainly has the look of attack in his eyes and I figure he understood Spanish and he didn't give me permission to take his picture. A risk yes, but making a meaningful or powerful image sometime puts you ar risk.

San Joaquin -

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  1. Yes, that dog had a murderous look in his eyes...glad you got out of there fast. Great picture though!