Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We Choppin ?

While traveling in Mexico we would look for remote locations in search of interesting people, towns, and nature sites to photograph. One town we liked was located in the state of Hidalgo called, Huichapan ( it sounds like saying"we choppin"). This is a clean and brightly colored town full of town's people in the local jardin.  We had learned, while in town, that there were Indian cave paintings and petroglyphs nearby. These were made by the Toltec Indians. We wrote down the best directions we could, interpretting them from Spanish, and headed out to locate the caves near a canyon lake. We traveled some dusty roads and came into a small village of just a couple of homes. We parked our car and started in search of the caves in the rocks near the lake. As we stumbled around the boulders a lady came running and waving with a big smile on her face. We didn't know a word she was saying but she knew we wanted to find the caves and took us there.  They were located in a difficult place and we had to scramble over rocks and through the catcus. We spent the afternon there and made some interesting photographs. Little did I know my best images of the day would come when we were returning back up the dirt road in our car. We came across a farmer sitting with his dog and cows. I couldn't resist this setting and parked a short distance away and walked down to his home. He was a quiet and humble man who sat patiently while I took his photograph. The image where he was sitting with his dog and cows, I feel, best represents the man and his life.

Click here to learn more about Huichapan. -
Toltec Indians -

One image of the petroglyphs we located.

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