Friday, June 21, 2013

Farm Life

Farm life in upstate N.Y. is  hard but rewarding for those that love it. We were out riding around photographing when we came upon this old farm and barns with white tin roofs. We saw the old farmer and stopped by to chat. His name was Dick, and his family has been farming this land for several generations. He was full of wit and humor as most old farmers are.  He invited us to drive onto his farm and showed us how to latch the gate when we left. He took off in his old pickup truck, gave us a wave, and left us to roam around his farm to photograph. It is a hard and simple life but one that builds a lot of character in a person.


  1. Sure like your photos. I have always enjoyed b/w images, must have been my exposure to Ansel Adams etc. One of our favorite areas in the finger lakes. Some very dramatic waterfalls and river coursed. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am glad you enjoy my photos. Black and White photography has always had a special appeal, and like you, it was Ansel Adams work that first interested me. The Finger Lakes region of upstate N.Y. is one of the prettiest areas in the county. Thanks for following. John