Monday, July 15, 2013

Mission San Jose de Tumacacori

One of my favorite places to visit when in the Tucson area is the old Spanish Mission at Tumacacori. It was founded in 1691 by Father Kino, and is now owned by the National Park Service. It is a quiet and peaceful place to spend the day. The mission is located along route 19, south of Tucson near the Mexican boarder. I have always visited in the winter or fall time, but on this trip it was in July with record heat. It was a challenge to be out photographing in the intense sun. Despite the heat I was able to make some new images of the mission that I haven't made before.


  1. Hi John,
    Your blog is one of four that I visit regularly. Your pics stir me in a deep way. Thank you sooooo much for sharing.


  2. George, I am glad you appreciate my photography. It has been a life long passion ( or obsession ) to create images that provokes an emotional response and to reveal to the viewer the beauty and mystery in the world we live. John