Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rock Art

Throughout the Southwest there are numerous places that can be explored for Indian petroglyphs. These rock carvings were created by ancient people, and their true purpose and meaning can only be a speculation on our part. Rock Art is found world wide and we have discovered them in several countries in our travels. This group was near Painted Rock, Az. We were camped on BLM land for several days. During our stay in the area we explored the region in search of petroglyph sites and found many in remote locations that required the use of a 4 wheel vehicle to cross the sandy washes to access the sites. We are always very careful not to disrupt or impact the area when photographing around these ancient sites. They have weathered thousands of years of time and it is important to use care on your visit to these historical sites and only take photographs and leave everything the way you found it. I will make future posts of a few petroglyphs showing the many types that can be found, and let you determine  their possible meaning.

Panal at Sears Point

The hunters kill count

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