Monday, August 26, 2013

Walking Limb

In 1988 we camped in Yosemite for the first time. I drove around the valley on the first day trying to get a feel for the area and search out some good photo sites. I came across this fallen limb late in the day and decided to return in the morning to make a photograph. I arrived early and had to wait quite awhile for the first signs of daylight.  As the sky started to lighten I began setting up my view camera and composing the scene. Being my first morning in the valley I wasn't sure exacting where the sun would rise as I stood patiently waiting for the light to increase.  Much to my surprise the sun broke out over top of the mountain and I realized I wasn't in the best position with a back lit situation. I quickly made the exposure and pulled out my film holder to flip it over to make a second exposure but by the time I got the film in position the sun had washed out the entire scene. This is my only exposure of this limb and it is a difficult negative to print. When viewing the proof sheet it would appear as if this negative is a complete loss for ever making a decent print.  I have learned a lot working with this negative over the years and apply some of the thought process and techniques in my digital work today. This particular image has been my top selling photograph over the years and one of my favorites for what it has taught me in the darkroom and beyond.


  1. The more I looked at this photo the more I liked it. The pines in the background give the feeling of being snow laden. The leaves on the trees in the foreground are like little jewels. I understand why it's been a good seller. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Thanks for commenting on my photograph. Yosemite Valley is a wonderful place to photograph.