Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Crossing the Threshold

This is an image I struggled with weather I should post or not. Coming from the tradition of using film and working with a large format camera for most of my life, I have always considered myself a straight photographer. The years of discipline with making black and white prints in the darkroom formed a distinct style and look to my work. Now working with digital files I have much more freedom to create and take my images further, but yet I struggle with the thought of corrupting my style of photography. The use of digital manipulation can be easily over done and the look can take on a gaudy look. While I will always prefer the look of the straight black and white fine art print, I feel it is important to explore new avenues of creativity with my photography to see what new and interesting images are in my future. This image was taken in a small chapel on Buff Point overlooking Keuka Lake in upstate N.Y.  I made six different exposures and produced an HDR image to get full detail in the very dark interior of the chapel. I decided to convert some of the image to black and white to add a sense of mystery to the image.

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