Monday, September 30, 2013

Making vs Taking Pictures

I rarely setup or stage a photograph but recently I found it fun to experiment. There is a unique  opportunity with photography to create images that don't exist in our real time world just by controlling the light and the amount of time during an exposure. These images were made on the beach in the moonlight. I exposed the scene for about a two minute exposure to get some detail in the sky to show the clouds. I used a couple of small LED flashlights tied to a cord to swing to around for 30 seconds to create the abstract light objects in the scene. I consider this making pictures rather than taking pictures.


  1. Very enjoyable images, John. It reminds me of an exercise that I used to do with students called 'painting with light'. But your use of the cord achieved a wholeness of image that we didn't attain in our exercises.

  2. Shimon, It is fun to experiment with photography and challenge ourselves to work differently.