Tuesday, October 29, 2013

To walk in the Wilderness

How many times in our lives have we truly walked alone in the wilderness of nature. Our lives are surrounded by movement and noise, and the pace has quickened in just a few years with the constant need to be connected. Technology is great and I am as addicted to it as most people are, but it comes with a sacrifice to our well being.  How different the world is at this moment than in any other time before. We have access to a world of information through the web, but because of our tie to it, we rarely ever break free and get to experience the things we have learned about. Sadly in the modern world people now live most of their lives 12" from their nose. I have been with family and friends that can't stop the urge to text and reply while at dinner in a nice restaurant or at a public event. They are preocupied and distracted from what is being said or going on around them.  We were at the beach on a gorgeous day and saw a middle aged couple sitting in their beach chairs. Both had cell phones to their face with their thumbs firing away at the keys.  They never looked at the beautiful ocean or said a word to each other the entire time we stayed there. I thought how sad it is to live a day in a beautiful surrounding and probably never remember it. To the younger generation this will be the norm and accepted lifestyle they grew up with. They will be connected through technology and devices but separated from direct contact with others and the quiet nature that surrounds them. When I get the chance to walk in the wildness and witness the created beauty around me, I always come away refreshed and focused. It is a healty thing to take time out and separate ourselves from the constant drum beat of technology and the noise in our lives.


  1. this is a wonderful picture. a classic.

  2. Shimon, Thanks, I always value your comment. John