Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Quiet Rock

In my earlier years I used to make solo photography trips to the American southwest. I would pack as much film and large format camera equipment as I could comfortably carry with me on an airplane. My suitcase would carry a small tent and some small camping cookware and a limited amount of clothes for a two week trip. I would rent a four wheel drive vehicle and take off for wilderness areas to hike and photograph from sunup to well after sunset. In those days there weren't cell phones or GPS units to assist me in my travels. I would carry topographical maps and a compass to navigate the back county. My travels would take me far away from towns and paved roads in search of remote locations to explore. When nighttime came I would find a suitable place to setup my tent for the night. Many times, because I like to photograph until dark. I had to erect my tent with the aid of my truck's headlights. This was the case with this photograph. It was taken in the last remnants of daylight and it required a five minute exposure.  I made my way back to my vehicle with the use of my miner's light that I wore on my head. I call this image "Quiet Rock" because of the peaceful quiet presence of the surrounding landscape.  I enjoy looking back on these times of my personal sojourn into wilderness areas. It may have not been the smartest thing to travel alone, but at the time I had the power of youth to my advantage.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Alabama Sunrise

I was looking through my numerous files of digital photographs last night and came upon a folder of pictures I had taken three years ago. It was like opening up an old box of photographs and recalling the time. We were in Alabama at the Gulf shores and it was the start of our wandering life in a motorhome.  I had forgotten about making any pictures while camped there and was surprised when I opened the folder. The storage of digital images can become disorganized and a huge mess if not maintained constantly. My problem is compounded by being mobile and not having a permanent setup to organize and store my images. Usually when I make new images I download them on my laptop and later transfer them to an external storage device. When we are parked for any length of time I will get out my desktop computer and spend a few days organizing and backing up my images. Making images with a digital camera has an instantaneous element that makes taking and then seeing your  pictures fun in the field. The downside is that it requires a lot of work on the back end to stay organized. I made this image standing on the roof of the motorhome as the sun started to rise through the fog.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Architectural Photography

I have always been fascinated with modern architecture when visiting cities. I have lived all my life in rural small towns, and rarely ever traveled to a large metropolitan area. We were in the city of Charlotte N.C. to visit the Nascar Hall of Fame a few months ago and I made this photo just outside the entryway to the museum. I am amazed with the bond between art and engineering that is achieved with creative architectural design. Charlotte is a beautiful city with modern architecture that provides plenty of opportuinty for photography.