Monday, November 18, 2013

Architectural Photography

I have always been fascinated with modern architecture when visiting cities. I have lived all my life in rural small towns, and rarely ever traveled to a large metropolitan area. We were in the city of Charlotte N.C. to visit the Nascar Hall of Fame a few months ago and I made this photo just outside the entryway to the museum. I am amazed with the bond between art and engineering that is achieved with creative architectural design. Charlotte is a beautiful city with modern architecture that provides plenty of opportuinty for photography.


  1. I really regret that I haven't visited for a while. As you probably know, I've been living in temporary housing as I transfer from my old home to a new one... and I have less time than ever before. But looking at your images, I was reminded of how much I enjoy visiting. This one in particular is a beautiful abstract image. I love it.

  2. Shimon I can relate to your situation of living in temporary housing. I like to refer to it as temporary living, because it is like putting your life on hold. We don't realize the comforts of our daily routine until we upset them and make a big change in our lives. I am glad you enjoy my images and appreciate your comments. John