Sunday, December 8, 2013

Presidio Texas

Traveling in the extreme southwestern part of Texas along the Rio Grand I came into the small town of Presidio Tx. It is located on the Mexico border across the river from the town of Ojinaga Mx.  I often ask myself why I choose traveling to remote areas just to wander in a vast and empty land. I have always been drawn to such places and think about them when I am not there. I guess it is because I like the quietness of the land and the originality of the local people I come in contact with. Traveling down a dirt road I came on this little shack sitting out in the middle of the wilderness. The ground was nothing but rock and sand and offered little opportunity for farming, yet someone staked their claim here and built a home. These places and the rugged people that live there amaze me and it is probably the reason I keep exploring and photographing these locations.,_Texas,+TX&ie=UTF-8&ei=_RClUpmrK6HJsQTw44HIDA&ved=0CAoQ_AUoAg

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