Thursday, January 2, 2014

Surreal Landscapes

I came upon this surreal landscape in Bend Bend N.P. in Texas. It is an area of the park that rarely gets visited because of the remote access to the location.  The ground appears to be covered in snow but it is mineral deposits that cover the valley floor.  The winter time provides some of the best atmosphere for making photographs, with the cold fronts that move into the area from the North.  On this particular day the heavy clouds were moving quickly by and gave a very diffuse light to the overall scene.  While walking around in this mysterious landscape it was easy to imagine what the surface of the moon would be like.  Not far from here I located some Indian petroglyph panels at the base of the mountains. Certainly this land looks desolate and without life but at one point in time it must have provided food and water to support the large group of people that lived in the valley.

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