Sunday, March 2, 2014

Garrapata Beach

    Sea Stack at Garrapata Beach

    Doud Creek at Garrapata Beach

Garrapata Beach is located north of Big Sur on route 1 of the California coast. It is a majestic place where the Pacific ocean crashes into the rocks and cliffs along the shoreline.  I photographed here a few times in my travels and have always come away with new and interesting photographs. These images were taken near the end of the day as the sun was setting.  The climb down to the ocean is not hard but can be a bit difficult getting out once it is dark.  Photographing in these locations can be hazardous and caution should be used when venturing into these areas.  I was told about rouge waves by a photographer friend of mine that lives in Monterey Ca. He cautioned me about a rare wave that comes ashore that is much bigger than all of the other waves coming in. I had a frightening experience with one just a few days later. I always place my camera bag and gear up high on the rocks as I walk with my tripod and camera to find the particular composition I am looking for. On one day I had setup my view camera and realized that I had left my filter in my camera bag and walked back to get it. As I was near my bag I heard a roar like a freight train coming and turned to see a large wave coming to shore. I raced to my camera and grabbed the tripod just as the wave broke around my knees. I was fortunate that I was able to get to my camera but even more fortunate that the wave didn't knock me over. I gained a new respect for photographing near the Pacific ocean and came away a bit shaken by the experienced.
These images were made with a Linhof view camera and Tmax100 film.  A 11x14 print was scanned for posting to the blog.

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  1. ah, we learn never to leave the camera alone... no matter what. The Linhof especially, such a magnificent tool. The photo is compelling.