Saturday, April 26, 2014

Santa Elena Canyon

 A nice place to visit and camp is in Big Bend Texas. The National park is in one of the most isolated regions in the country, located in the Southwest area of Texas. The park consists of thousands of acres along the Rio Grande River that separates the U.S. from Mexico.  Santa Elena Canyon is a short hike that takes you into a narrow canyon where the Rio Grande Rivers flows.  In this picture the United States is on the right and Mexico on the left. The river and the steep cliffs are the only things that divides the two countries.  If you like to hike in a quiet wilderness landscape, Big Bend Texas is the place. The image was taken in late afternoon as the sun was setting.  As with all landscape photography it is always good to plan your hike to take advantage of the best light.  We made this hike earlier in the day and found the scene was too contrasty with the intense sun shinning on the cliff wall on the right. This image was made with a Canon 5D11 camera and 24~105 zoom lens.

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