Sunday, May 11, 2014

Face in a wall

While hiking in a remote canyon in Big Bend Texas I came across this demon face in a rock wall. I could have easily past by and not have noticed the twisted face looking at me.  It was when I took a rest in a shaded alcove that I saw the image starring at me from from across the narrow canyon.  Hiking alone in the wilderness can sometimes be a soul searching experience.  Walking in the quiet desert where the only sound is the crunch of the gravel under your boots can clear your mind of unwanted thoughts.  Sometimes certain canyons have a strange feel to them that is hard to explain. This particular canyon was one of those and after sitting across from this face for several minutes I had an uneasy feeling and decided to move on.


  1. We have run across a number of animals in nature, including a camel on a burn redwood, and a gorilla face.

  2. Nature can provide a lot of interesting subjects to photograph if we are aware of what is around us.