Friday, May 9, 2014

Gleeson Ghost Town

In a remote area of Cochise County in southern Arizona is the old mining town of Gleeson.  It was once called Turquoise because of beautiful turquoise stone that was mined by the Indians for trade.  Later the area was mined for copper and silver and the town had a population of 500 people.  When the mining ran out the town died and became a ghost town.  Gleeson is like many old mining towns in the West with a erie quietness surrounding it.  It is always fun to locate these remote old mining towns and look at the old buildings and equipment that has been abandon for years.  This photo is of the old Gleeson Saloon, one of the few buildings left standing in the town.  I use a few filters in Photoshop to give the image a look and feel of an abandon building found in a remote ghost town.,_Arizona

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