Monday, June 23, 2014

Joshua Tree N.P.

We camped in Joshua Tree National Park during the winter a few years back to hike and photograph.  The park consist of nearly 800,000 acres wilderness land to explore. Visiting the park in the winter gives you plenty of opportunities to hike without numerous other hikers around. The days were bright and sunny but the nights were frigid with temperatures dropping into the 20's.  The above pictures were taken at a well know location called jumbo rocks.  I arrived at the location an hour before sunset and waited until the sun was starting to set.  The wind was blowing and my fingers and ears were nearly frost bit from the strong north wind and cold temps.  The last glow of the setting sun gives the rocks a red fiery glow that is spectacular. The top image was taken while the sun was still on the lower rocks while the bottom image was made by slightly changing my camera location and waiting until the sun was off the foreground rocks.  I prefer the bottom image with the soft glow of the foreground and the better geometric shape of the rocks.  If I wasn't half frozen I would have stayed until the sun was completely set and continued to make some long exposures to see I how could further capture and interpret the scene.

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