Saturday, July 5, 2014

Zig Zag

I am always intrigued with the repeating patterns found in nature.  There are abstract shapes and forms that are common in plants, rocks, and water if you are aware and look for them.  I made this image back in 2005 with a view camera and a 75mm lens.  The exposure was made at sunrise with a red filter and a slow film, Tmax 100.  The time required to make this exposure was 25 seconds, and with a long expose there are risks of movement with the film or the subject.  There is a slight fuzziness in this image that could be the results of the film popping in the holder or the the sun and shadow movement across the dunes with the first rays of sunlight during the exposure time.  The dunes are always a challenge to photograph effectively.  I can accept the slight fuzziness in this image because it adds to the movement of the abstract quality of the scene. 

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