Monday, November 17, 2014

Ice House - Sebastian Fl.

This year we moved into a new home near the small coastal town of Sebastian Fl.  We have been on the road living full time in a motorhome for over three years and decided we needed to settle down in a  home again.  We chose this area because of the closeness to the Atlantic Ocean and small town feel of the area.  I remember a photographer telling me that I wouldn't use my camera much living in Florida because there is nothing to photograph.  I realized with moving here there would not be the mountains or dense forest with waterfalls that I am use to living around, but I have found there are plenty of opportunities to photograph in a land of big skies.  Some of my best work in over forty years have been made here in the past year.  Yes it is easy to become bored with the flat and predictable landscape but if you are open to the possibilities there are many new an exciting images that can be made in Florida.  I made this image this morning in Sebastian of an old ice house that was used to keep the fresh fish for processing.  I used a -16 stop neutral density filter attached to my 40 to 105mm zoom lens.  The exposure was around 3 minutes at f11.  


  1. Excellent - love the stillness of it.

  2. Thanks David for commenting on my ice house images. It is always rewarding to go out and create new and exciting images.