Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Old Jack

I have people ask me why and how do I take these charactor pictures of people.  Certain people just tell a story just with their looks.  I find them to be interesting and usually extremely friendly people when I stop to photograph them.  They often provide me with interesting life stories with a real down to earth perspective.  I have never considered myself a portrait or street photographer but when I force myself to do it I am generally very pleased with the results.  My approach in meeting a stranger and asking to photograph them starts with a smile and a real interest in who they are.  I build a sense of trust with them before ever lifting my camera.  When they agree to be photographed I move quickly and make a few images and then end the session.  I do a lot of planning while talking with them to determine composition, exposure, and proper lighting.  I have enjoyed the many people I have photographed over the years and usually try to get their names and address to send them a print a few weeks later.

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