Saturday, December 13, 2014

Cedar Key

Cedar Key Fl. is a great place to go for seafood and doing some photography.  A few weeks ago we camped there for a week and worked on getting our fill of Cedar Key grown clams.  The area is know for it's littleneck clams and they have several farms in the area. This image was made in the middle of a marsh at low tide. It was a difficult hike into the location and the muck was deeper than I had expected.  I was able to make this image but nearly got stuck in quicksand.  I made a three minute exposure with a -16 stop neutral density filter.  When the exposure was finished I was sunk in to my knees and it was a bit nerve racking getting myself and equipment out of the muck.  The tide was on it's way back in and was flowing in and around me.  It is probably an experience I won't repeat anytime soon.

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