Friday, December 5, 2014

Cypress Trees

I bought a used kayak the other day and made my first attempt to photograph from it.   Living here in Florida I have noticed there are some inland lakes with beautiful stands of cypress trees in the water.   I could see a real opportunity to make some interesting photographs if I could access the grasslands of the lakes and float in and around the trees.  Today was my maiden voyage in the kayak with camera gear.  It is an uncomfortable feeling to be floating around in a very tipsy boat with expensive equipment.  I had a pretty good time other than the soaking rain shower that hit as soon as I got out on the lake.  It was fairly calm the first couple of hours until a strong wind blew up and made some white caps on the water.  That was my signal to head in and not chance being out on the lake with some strong winds blowing up.  My first year living in florida has been interesting and I need to educate myself a little more about the Fl. habitat.  I have seen some rather large alligators in some of the areas I plan on boating that are bigger than my little kayak.  The water moccasins are another concern and there seems to be a lot of them around.  It is exciting to find new subjects to photograph and having a new challenge in accessing these wild locations.

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