Friday, March 27, 2015

Bull Riding, Mexican Style

When we were in Mexico we would spend many days just driving in our car through the mountains looking for small towns to get a feel for the local culture.  On one of our day trips the road we were traveling on came to end in the small town of La Trinidad.  We noticed a lot of people in the streets and plenty of old pickup trucks parked everywhere.  We pulled over and got out to look around and soon realized we came upon a big community event, bull riding Mexican style.  The people were crowded around an old outside arena waiting for the start of the rodeo.  Bands were playing and food was being served from vendors.  We worked our way into the crowd and up near the fence to see the show.  This particular bull rider must have been the crowd favorite because he got a big roar of applause when his name was announced.  I have watched professional bull riding for many years and have always enjoyed the sport.  This guys ride was the first time I had ever seen someone ride a bull without holding on.  It was a magnificent ride and the crowd went wild with cheers and applause.  I was impressed with his talent and thought to myself that he could have been a very competitive rider here in the States.  We spent the afternoon there watching different Mexican cowboys take their chances at bull riding, but non came close to this guy's ride.  We ate food made friends with the locals and had a very memorable day.
We made a few more trips to this small town afterwards and came across a man working in his opal mine.  He took us through his mine and later we had dinner with him and his wife and bought some of his opals.  You never know what a small back country road can take you to until you get out and explore.

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