Sunday, May 31, 2015

Billy Black Cloud

I went out yesterday to do some photography on Blue Cypress Lake.  In my travels I came across a fellow selling watermellons along side of the road.  I stopped and talked with him for awhile, and seeing he was an interesting character I asked to take a photograph of him.  He told me that he is called Billy Black Cloud, but goes by Cloud for short.  I told him that is a in unusual name and asked him how he became known by a name like that.  He said that years ago while out fishing with family and friends he stepped from one boat to another and managed to sink an 18' boat with three guys in it.  Ever since then they called him Billy Black Cloud, but over the years they shortened it to just Cloud.  After purchasing a watermellon and having a friendly chat with Cloud, I was on my way to do some kayaking out on Blue Cypress Lake.  I know I made some interesting images out on the lake, but my running into Billy was an unexpected surprise.  I have found over the years that to do photography successfully you need to be open and aware to the things around you and be ready to engage the moment when it happens.  

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