Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Buttermilk Falls

One of my favorite hikes I use to make was in Ithaca, N.Y. in Buttermilk Falls S.P.  The falls trail can be reached from the bottom or from the top several miles up over the hill.  I always preferred starting at the top in this gorge working my way down the smaller falls until reaching the very large falls at the bottom.  Most of the times I hiked waterfalls from the bottom because it is usually the only way to access most of these locations.  Ithaca has numerous waterfalls to explore and can keep a hiker busy for days.  Early mornings or late afternoons is the best time to photograph in these glens.  The days I liked best were overcast with a light rain.  The defused light gave a soft glow to everything.  I could hike and photograph several glens in a day without having to deal with the harsh shadows caused by the sunlight  of a clear day.  This image was made as the leaves were in full autumn color.  The fall colors of the Finger Lakes region in the first couple of weeks of October are spectacular.



  1. Really appreciate how you treated the small falls in this photo.

  2. Smaller waterfalls can be very interesting but can be a challenge find the right composition.