Friday, May 15, 2015

Watkins Glen

A great hike to take is a walk up the gorge in Watkins Glen, N.Y.  It is amazing place with numerous waterfalls to explore.  It is a state park and a main attraction in the area and can be busy in the summer months.  When I lived in the area I would visit in the spring and fall time so I could have quiet times to hike and photograph, plus I never had to pay the entrance fee when using the upper access point at that time of year.  The water in this gorge is spring fed and is very cold even in the summer.  There are many other gorges with waterfalls in this region that are rarely explored that I preferred to spend most of my time, but Watkins Glen is a majestic place with beautiful waterfalls.


  1. John,
    Well, I was at the Glen this past Memorial Day weekend and had a great time, and in fact, visited some of the falls too. Ive taken a few pictures (attempted is a better way of putting it) as they never seem to have the character you pull from a scenery. Have great day:-)

    1. Jason, I am glad you make the hike up the falls trail at Watkins Glen. It is a magical place, especially this time of year with the good water flow. I am sure your made some memorable photographs with your visit to the glen. John

  2. My wife and I liked Watkins Glen so much we hosted one of our week long family reunions here in 2002. Everyone loved the area and were amazed by these falls. There are though, as you say, many other falls and glens nearby that host far fewer visitors and given the opportunity one can have the whole place to himself. Thanks for reminding us how much we like this place.

  3. Watkins Glen is a special place and if you have ever visited there you will never forget it. I am glad you were fortunate to have a family reunion there. John