Friday, October 16, 2015

"The ghost of Edward"

We visited Point Lobos a year ago and spent the day photographing.  This area has wonderful rock formations along the Pacific coastline.  This was a place where Edward Weston made many of his fine photographs.  I was attracted to photography at an early age when I first viewed his work.  I was fascinated with his artistic style of black and white photography using a large view camera.  I have to credit his work for my early interest in photography.  Certainly it is apparent that with the help of digital editing I enhanced  the human figure in this image.  I could have easily done so in the classic darkroom process by using a selenium toner solution painted directly on the emulsion side of the negative  to increase the density in that area of the rock.  Seeing this image was taken in an area that Edward frequently visited I guess I should title it "The ghost of Edward"

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