Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fisheating Creek

We just returned from camping in the Everglades in south Florida.  This fall season has been hotter than normal with temps in the 90's each day.  It can be a challenge to be outdoors hiking and kayaking in the swamps with summer temperatures.  We were able to visit some great locations for making photographs and plan more visits to that area in the future.  On our way back through central Fl. we camped at the place called Fisheating Creek.  It is old Florida at it's best with a large strand of old growth cypress trees along the creek.  Making photographs in these locations can be difficult because of the elements that surround you.  Wading through the swamps is the only way to access many of these locations and with it comes caution to be looking for alligators and snakes.  The mosquitos and spiders are a constant nuisance but are rarely life threatening.  Living in Florida we have come to value nature's beauty that can be found here.  I have been told many times that there is nothing to photograph in Florida, but I have found that is not true. I will say this, there is nothing easy to photograph in Florida.

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