Monday, November 30, 2015

In search of soft light

My typical time to photograph is in low light situations.  I realize this usually requires me to be out at first light or at the end of the day after sunset.  Other times when the sky is overcast with no wind can be an ideal time to capture the soft light in a scene.  What I like about soft light is the glow that a scene can take on in these lighting conditions. The above photograph was taken in the last few minutes of day light when the light was soft and after the stirring winds have calmed down.  The time is limited so picking a location and setting up is usually done just before or after the sun has set.  I can usually get a couple of setups before the light is completely gone.  An important thing to look for is the side lighting in the scene.  If you look at the trees in this image you will noticed that the trees have a side lighting giving them deminsion and shape.  The open sky to the West is usually the source light for the scene after sunset, so setting up with that in mind can help you achieve the best light available for low light landscape photography. 

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