Tuesday, February 2, 2016

On the Water

I had a chance to get out on the water this past week end and do a little photography.  Typically it can be windy here in Florida in the wintertime, so when I saw a calm day I immediately got my kayak out on the water.  We recently purchased new kayaks and decided to buy the sit on top style over the sit in style we had.  The new ones are easier to get in and out of, but as I found out, much easier to flip than our old units.  I was out a few weeks ago by myself and managed to flip it twice.  Once when I reached for something behind me and again trying to gather up my stuff floating in the lake in my water tight bag.  Luckily for me I didn't have any camera equipment out, and the alligator I just passed didn't make a meal out of me.  After this experience I decided that I needed to make my kayak flip proof so I can photograph without a concern of losing my equipment and not have to swim with the alligators.  I spent the next couple of weeks engineering outriggers that are fully adjustable to put on the kayak.  This week was the first time out with them installed and they worked perfectly.  Now the kayak feels much more stable and I can focus more on making photographs and less on flipping over.

I have a new web site I just constructed.  You can view it at  http://www.johndoddato.net/

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