Sunday, March 27, 2016

Breaking the rules

Sometimes we need to break the rules to think differently.  We all become creatures of habit and develop routines.  These routines are important to develop consistency and to reach our objective goals.
Without a pattern of routine we would wander aimlessly without a defined purpose.  But we must not let these established routines prevent us from exploring and learning a new approach to the way we do things.  I am primarily a black and white photographer and will always pursue that style of photography, because I personally believe that an image revels much more when viewed in black and white.  But sometimes I need to break from the routine and explore something entirely different.  For me a color image is more about color and shapes than the subject matter.  This image is in opposition to everything I do with a black and white image.  The central theme of this image is color and space, the subject matter is secondary.  Where as with my black and white images I work for a strong but simple composition with a focus on the subject matter.  I like to think of this as sideways thinking to our normal thought process.  It may not always yield results but the exercise is worth it the effort

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