Wednesday, May 11, 2016

In search of the simple

Often times we overlook the simple while focusing on the complex.  In landscape photography the challenge is finding the point of interest in the overall scene.  The above image was made in a wonderful rocky landscape of Joshua Tree N.P.  The ground is covered with all sorts of rock formations, giving plenty of opportunities to photograph.  I made this image while hiking a narrow trail through some boulders and nearly missed the abstract pattern within the rocks.  The small ribbon of quartz rock that runs down across the rock layers gives a mysterious abstract quality to the image.  Although I was surrounded by a magical landscape I kept readjusting my eye not to miss the small and simple details that existed within a bigger and more complex scene.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Working with a GoPro camera

I recently purchase a GoPro camera to photograph some of the wildlife I see when out photographing in my kayak.  Last week I went to a small river near where I live to see how the camera would work underwater.  I was hoping to see some fish and maybe an alligator swimming under my boat.  I was surprised on seeing several manatees in the river and and was happy to make a few short videos of these gentle giants.  This little camera has given the ablity to interact with nature and view to these wonderful creatures in their environment in a new way. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Solitary Tree

In the early morning fog I glided across the calm water in my small kayak.  The mood of this morning was quiet and still.  No one was around as I made my way out onto the lake.  These are days I always look forward to and never know when they will happen.  This solitary tree stood alone surrounded by water in the fog as the sun rose behind it.  For just a brief moment I shared the space and mood that this lonely tree offered.  We all have times of solitude where we stand alone in life.  It is where we can reflect and gather our thoughts as we continue our journey onward.